RF ATE (Radio Frequency)

Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

Client: Multinational Conglomerate Company

Client Requirement:Automated Test Equipment for Wireless Fire Detector


MELSS has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology ever since 1985. Over a quarter century of experience with ATEs, has put MELSS in a unique position of designing and configuring Automated Test Equipment for almost any type of Electronics Testing – be it for Development, Production or Maintenance environment; using diverse technologies – functional, in-circuit, Digital, Analog, Hybrid, Combinational, etc.

A brief about our ATE for Wireless Fire Detector is given below.

Scope and Brief Description:  

  • The Automatic test Equipment for Functional testing of Wireless Fire Detector can be customized as per user’s requirement.
  • The entire testing process can be automated.
  • Suitable programmable Test equipment will be used.
  • Suitable Text Fixtures will be designed to access the test points in the UUT.
  • User friendly Graphical user Interface will be developed.

Software Functionality:

  • The GUI based application Software will be developed to capture the test sequence and acquire & control the parametric values from the measurement instruments and the UUT.
  • Test report will be generated in non-editable format indicating the sequence of test, master parametric value, measured value and the status of test (Pass/ Fail).
  • A self-test module will ascertain the serviceability status of the test and measurement instruments and the UUT.
  • This application software will be developed on VB/.Net/Labview Platform.

Tests Performed:

Below are some of the major tests that can be performed by the ATE. It can be customized as per user’s requirement.

  • RF Frequency measurement.
  • RF Power measurement.
  • RF Occupied Bandwidth (OBW)
  • RF Spectrum Emission Mask.
  • Packet Transmitter test
RF ATE (Radio Frequency) – Case Study