MES Software

MES Software – Manufacturing Execution System is a group of functions that allow for seamless information flow between the organisation’s planning, execution and management functional teams.

Historically most of the challenges faced in the shop floor are specific point issues that were resolved by building a system/process that is linked to a control system and software. These specific solutions built over a period of time may not fit into the organisation’s overall information technology policy and plan. Another major challenge in maintaining software based decision support system is the full upheaval in the IT technology compared with the changes in the core technology of the organisation.

For the last three decades, MELSS has worked with multi-segment clients in the Engineering, Manufacturing and Commercial space. This experience combined with a strong multi-disciplinary focus, technology and application strength has helped provide industry specific solutions that are user-friendly, cost effective and upgradable with faster go-to market.

MELSS has combined the expertise of the built-in  MES software with the understanding of the process and its challenges in today’s environment to provide integrated and value added software solutions for the shop floor in the manufacturing market. These solutions are designed to be in line with the current challenges that the production and quality engineers face in their work environment.

MELSS provides the following software based solutions to the manufacturing shop floor:

  • Production information management system (PIMS)
  • Traceability and genealogy
  • Data acquisition system
  • Poka-yoke system
  • Track and trace system
  • OEE status display and analysis
  • Remote monitoring and control system
  • Production status display/Floor display system
  • Work instruction management system
  • Production scheduling
  • WIP tracking
  • Equipment calibration and maintenance tracking

The inputs to the MES software system is acquired from various systems like:

  • CNC controller
  • PLC control system
  • DCS control system
  • Stand-alone micro controllers
  • Computers – Program output/Manual input
  • Data acquisition system for electrical and other physical parameters
  • Barcode, RFID or serial numbers for discrete unit inputs
  • Instrument integration

The objective of implementing these MES software solutions is to ensure that the information flow on the production planning process is reaching supervisors and assembly line operators.  The feedback of the machine and the operation are taken into the system for further evaluation and decision making process.

There are quick and efficient escalation systems for events like material unavailability, quality defect and machine breakdown.

MES software offered by MELSS

MES Software

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