Feeder RTU/IO Test Systems

Feeder remote terminal unit is a data acquisition and control system used in the automation of distribution networks. There are multiple variants of these systems and they vary based on the number of input/output channels, type of communication ports/protocols.

MELSS has designed a universal FRTU Test System that is a user configurable system to map the device under test configuration to the ATE test software. Once this is done, the system will be able to seamlessly execute test procedures in the defined sequence.

The test process is categorised as follows:

  • Power supply
  • Digital inputs
  • Digital outputs
  • Analogue inputs
  • Analogue outputs
  • Communication ports

The test sequence is as listed below:

  • The safety parameters are first verified before the start of the functional tests. This includes di-electric testing and insulation tests. Upon positive results, further tests are executed.
  • The power supply status is tested for the main supply on all IO modules. The minimum, maximum and the nominal range is verified before the execution of the functional tests. All the software commands of the RTU related to the power supplies are also concurrently verified.
  • Input/output channels of the FRTU are connected to the output/input channels of the tester and then the status is read through the communication ports as per the specified protocol. These are then compared, displayed and verified.

Software Features:

  • Self test provision
  • IO configuration set up
  • FRTU configuration download into ATE
  • Automatic testing of all IO
  • Debug testing of specific IO channels
  • MES integration
  • Timing synchronisation
  • Reporting software
Feeder RTU/IO Test Systems