Who We Are?

MELSS Vision


  • To achieve total customer delight through harnessing state-of-the-art technologies
  • Being in tune with the times and the environment
  • Creating and sustaining an exciting and intellectually rewarding workplace for our employees
  • Earning the trust of the Shareholders
  • Providing value for money and being a good corporate citizen.


MELSS – MEL SYSTEMS AND SERVICES LTD, is an Engineering and Technology solutions company providing cutting-edge products and solutions to the Electronics, Automation, and Aerospace and Defence Industries over the last 25 Years. MELSS Head Office and HO Annex. is located in Chennai and we have sales and support offices across all major metros in India.

MELSS has delivered the best-in-class products and services from world leaders to organisations involved in electronics manufacturing, design, proto-type, maintenance and repair, and validation, including research labs and institutions.

MELSS has also been offering turnkey solutions for process and discrete automation for over two decades, with over 1000 projects executed over the years.

MELSS has also delivered hundreds of functional testing ATEs, allowing to test a wide variety of parameters relating to voltage, current, communication, signals and radio frequency, complete with all required fixtures, data acquisition systems, and custom-built software.

MELSS Values and Beliefs

  • To pursue technological and professional excellence in all aspects of our business. We will provide value for money to customers through quality products and services.  We will strive to improve upon this continuously.
  • To provide opportunities for our people to learn, contribute and advance. We will value and respect our people as equal partners, recognise and reward them for initiative, innovativeness and creativity.
  • To provide adequate returns to our Shareholders and Financial Institutions who support us with their money and to our suppliers who support us with their materials and services.
  • To develop and grow in a sustained manner, consistent with ethical norms and  staying in harmony with the economic, social and natural environment in which we are embedded.

MELSS Head Office and HO Annex.

  • MELSS HO- annex building

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