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Fluid Dispensing

Metcal®/Techcon system leads the industry in fluid dispensing technology. Our fluid dispensers and components are designed and manufactured to provide strict control and accuracy for a variety of dispensing system applications.

Techcon offers the industry’s superior automated fluid dispensing systems (robots) and top-quality fluid dispensing application components:

  • Dispensing robots: Reliable, precise results with simple programming and operation
  • Dispensing Valves: Range of material viscosities and pressures while maintaining accuracy
  • Fluid dispensers: Manual dispensing devices for dependable, cost-effective results
  • Dispensing tips syringe barrels, cartridges and nozzles: Designed for precision

Dispensers and Controllers


The DX-250 series digital dispenser/controller is an economical, highly accurate and repeatable micro-air dispensing system. This precision fluid dispensing system includes a digital timer and vacuum control for all viscosities of fluids. Packaged ready to use with a universal power supply, foot switch, air hose, sample tips, syringe barrels and adapter.


The DX-350 series offers 10 different user programmable dispense routines and 4 operating modes. The time, pressure and vacuum read-outs are displayed digitally. It is intuitive to use and allows accurate reproduction of sequence of beads or dots. The DX-350 includes an adjustable vacuum-driven ‘suck-back’ to control material ‘tailing’ and waste. Packaged ready to use with a universal power supply, foot switch, air hose, sample tips, syringe barrels and adapter.


The 924-DFV series foot valve dispenser offers increased production combined with dispenser economy. Floor mounted, they have a built-in pressure regulator, pressure gauge and a unique fast-dump, three-way air valve. Output rate and shot size are operator controlled.

The 924-DFV is the ideal basic dispensing unit for most general applications of adhesives, sealants, coatings and compounds. The 924-DFV-VAC features a vacuum suck-back to prevent very thin materials from dripping to reduce tailing or stringing with thicker materials.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for applications where electricity is prohibited
  • Robust design
  • Floor mounted – Conserves bench space
  • No programming required

Metcal / Techon Fluid Dispensing System offered by MELSS