Memory Device Programmers


  • Rated as the #1 programmer provider in the industry with solutions for a wide range of programming applications
  • Offers the largest device library for both parallel and serial programmers in the industry
  • LabVIEW driver is available for selected ISP models
  • Advanced stand-alone programming technology for efficient production environment

SuperPro 7500N

Advanced Universal LAN Programmer

  • Algorithms engineered to program up to 4 chips simultaneously
  • Supports most device memories on the market
  • Programs eMMC devices up to 64 GB
  • Supports most package types including WLCSP
  • Operates in PC hosted, stand-alone, and LAN modes
  • Customized device algorithm development available

SuperPro 6100N

Ultra-Fast Universal Programmer

  • Built-in 144 pin driver
  • 103,000+ devices supported from nearly 400 IC manufacturers
  • Operates in PC hosted and stand-alone modes
  • Supports devices including EEPROM, MCU, and others
  • USB interfaced ultra-fast 144 pin stand-alone universal programmer
  • Great for reworks, master chip duplication, and chip testing

SuperPro 610P

High Speed Universal Device Programmer

  • Universal 48-pin driver supports today’s most complex devices
  • Programs eMMC devices up to 64 GB
  • IC manufacturer approved programming algorithms
  • Entry level programmer perfect for developers and hobbyists, alike
  • Compatible with Windows ™ 7/8/10, 32 and 64 bit

SuperPro 6104NGP

Ultra-high Speed Universal Gang Programmer

  • 4 independent programming modules operating concurrently for high speed programming
  • Supports NAND / eMMC devices up to 256 GB
  • Built-in 144 universal pin drivers
  • Comes with free device updates within the warranty period
  • Powerful ARM9 programming processor

SuperPro 7504N

SuperPro ®/ 7504N High Speed Production Programmer
Built in 4 Superpro / 7500N programmer modules representing the industry’s peak level, up to 16 chips can be programmed at the same time. Supports almost every device you can see with extraordinary programming speed, including eMMC, NAND FLASH, SPI FLASH, NOR FLASH, MCU, CLPD, etc. If you are an industry leader, you need a programmer with high throughput, high programming yield and quality, a wide range of supported devices, and the ability to quickly upgrade to support future new devices.

Super Pro IS01

Ultra-fast In-System (ISP) Programmer

  • Field proven industrial usage for volume in-system programming (ISP)
  • Ability to program concurrently (reduces programming time)
  • Fastest in-system programmer in the industry with a built-in ARM9 32Bit RISC MCU processor
  • Programs devices with VCC as low as 1.2V

SuperPro IS416N In-System (ISP) Gang Programmer

Ultra-fast In-System (ISP) Gang Programmer

  • Program up to 16 serial devices simultaneously
  • Up to 4 parallel ISP chips can be programmed simultaneously (eMMC, NAND and NOR FLASH)
  • Multiple programmers can be set up for project expansion
  • Custom adapter available for off-line production setup
  • USB 2.0, LAN and SD ports available
  • Operation modes: USB online, network online and offline
  • Adjustable programming speed and industrial grade reliability
  • DLL/API/Command-Line Commands available with authorization agreement from both parties (Initial solution for integrating ISP sub-systems of ICT, FCT, ATE and testing fixture)

Automated Programmer

SuperBOT 5A/5E Automated IC Programmer

16-32 Socket Automated IC Programmer

Output up to 2,500 units per hour

Compatible for tray, tape In/out, tube in/out and laser or ink marker.

Great for medium to high volume programming.

Suitable for Nor flash, MCU, E/EPROM, NAND and other device memories on the market.

SuperBOT 5A/5E Automated IC Programmer