Power Supply ATE

MELSS has designed and built various types of Power Supply ATEs. These systems are built to cater to the test and product qualification needs of the various power supply design and manufacturing organisations. Many of these ATEs are multi-functional wherein a combination of the below systems can be tested by basic fixture interchange and selection of the appropriate test program in the system.

  • SMPS, ATX power supply
  • DC-DC converter
  • Chargers – mobile, laptop, set-top box etc.
  • Inverter
  • Battery

The test program can be defined by a simple user editable screen to select the required parameters and to define the pass/fail criteria.

The system is easy to configure for quick UUT/DUT changeover and can be interfaced with a barcode reader to create traceability of the serial number through data logging. Multiple rights for operators, engineers and designers are provided and the system can be connected with an electrical safety tester to verify if the UUT has passed safety tests before functional testing.

System Configuration

Power Sources:

  • Programmable AC cource
  • Programmable DC source
  • Programmable DC load

Measurement Instruments:

  • Digital power meter/power analyser
  • Digital oscilloscope

Control Hardware:

  • Industrial computer (or) PXI system
  • Switch matrix – high power & digital
  • Monitor/keyboard/mouse

Test Parameters:

  • Input voltage, current, power
  • Output voltage, current, power
  • Efficiency
  • Protection tests
  • Cut-off voltage
  • Cut-off current
  • Over voltage (OVP)
  • Over current (OCP)
  • Under voltage (UVP)
  • Under current (UCP)
  • Regulation test
  • Line regulation
  • Load regulation
  • Cross regulation
  • In-rush current
  • IEC standard test compliance

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • Automatic/manual test sequence selection
  • Customisable reports
  • Quick changeover
  • Range of accessories
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Barcode based test initiation trigger
  • Range of supply source options