Solutions for the FMCG Industry

From automated conveyors to robotics that complement manual labour, from packaging to quality control – every step of the manufacturing process has become heavily electronics-centric.

The pace of change is frenetic, and it is only continuing to accelerate, making smart manufacturing the need of the hour rather than a luxury.

Batching Solutions

Weighing and Batching

MELSS has been offering weighing and batching solutions for over 2 decades for a wide variety of industries. The team designs the right type of storage silos, tanks and hoppers for material being stored, be it for long term, temporary or buffer storage. With experience in handling different type of materials such as powder, granules, pellets, flakes and liquids, we can provide a suitable solution for all types of material handling and weighing requirements.

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Robotic Palletising

Robotic Solutions

Reduction in manpower, increasing production capacity, reducing fatigue and improving accuracy are constant demands of any production facility. MELSS provides complete robotic solutions for various applications such as Machine Tending, Material Addition, Packing, Palletising, Sorting and Material Handling with both Industrial Robots and Collaborative Robots (COBOT).

To cater to the FMCG industry, we also provide special grippers from OnRobot allowing easy handling of materials, be it hard or soft. Special grippers with force sensing capabilities and end-of-arm-tools for soft gripping, allow robotic handling of all type of consumer products from bottles to cakes, eggs to fruits very easy. See the range of grippers and end-of-arm-tools.

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Tracking & Traceability

MELSS can offer complete tracking and traceability of products from Raw Material to Finished goods, across every stage of manufacturing. Starting from the Raw Material inward at the gate, to handling the material at stores, inspection, Work-in-Progress (WIP), packaging, finished goods inspection to final despatch, we can offer solutions to manage production traceability.

The solution can also be extended to providing real time information of the material movement and status at every production stage.

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