Design, Development & Manufacturing

Product Design & Development

MELSS has developed expertise in design, development and manufacturing of low and medium volume complex electronics systems for strategic industries including defence.

MELSS has a team of engineers who have expertise in the design of electrical, electronic, mechanical and software based systems. This team derives its strength from the design work done over the last 3 decades.

The process adopted for Design, Development & Management is:

  • Design requirements – Review and evaluate feasibility
  • Proposal with concept and plan
  • Acceptance and contract
  • Design, drawing, validation and review
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • QT inclusive of functional, environmental & safety
  • Product validation & trials
  • Production manufacturing

MELSS extends support throughout the design and manufacturing life cycle. This collaborative approach provides the required interchange between the user, designer, test and manufacturing team. MELSS follows an exhaustive design validation process that is based on review, simulation and trials.

MELSS works with multiple long term vendors to source components, sub-systems, finishing process and specialised electro-mechanical parts. This partnership allows MELSS to provide range of products that are manufactured using specialised processes which cannot be done under one roof. The quality of the process and the product is controlled by a well-defined and exhaustive system that tracks from procurement validation to each of the processes at the manufacturing site.