Electro-Dynamic Vibration Systems


M/s Shinken Co.Ltd. Japan, established in 1975 manufacturers electro dynamic vibration test systems from 1KgF to 20,000 KgF and more force ratings including uni-axial, bi-axial, tri-axial type systems and combined climatic and vibration test systems.

The usage of patented hydro-static bearing for guiding the driving coils has made multi-axis excitation possible and the global installation record of Multi-axis Vibration Test Systems (VTSs) are above 200 sets with a rapid increase in the number of installations in the past few years.

The hydro-static bearing has the following features:

  • A wide frequency range
  • High waveform fidelity
  • High uniformity in acceleration mode on tables
  • High eccentric moment & less cross-talk

MEL Systems and Services Ltd., has been M/s Shinken Co. Ltd.’s sales and support agent in India from 1985. There are numerous systems installed and supported in various markets including aerospace, defence, automobile, electronics manufacturing etc.

General-purpose Vibration Test Systems G-0 Series

This series features a wide frequency range, high acceleration and a variety of products from small 1KN (102kgf) to large 196KN (20tonf), suitable for any vibration tests. It has adopted the patented air-bearing system for small-sized system, medium & large-sized systems use the hydro-static bearing system.

Miniature Vibration Test Systems G-2 Series


This series is usable on a single-phase power supply and on a desk, as compact and handy and it covers force output from 19.6N (2kgf) to 490N (50kgf).

Horizontal Vibration Test Systems G-3 Series

Horizontal vibration test system of inspection for seismic detectors has adopted the patented air-bearing system for focus on the waveform precision.

This series was used for the special structure of air bearing guide of inspection for seismic detectors and is characterised by large displacement and high-accuracy waveform. In addition, it is easy to use the windows seismic detector controller.

Vibration Test Vibration Test Systems for Transportation Tests G-9 Series

The G-9 series vibration test systems, features a high eccentric moment* and a large loading table supported by a unique rigid lateral suspension structures, which are suited for transportation tests for relatively large specimens; packaged goods and electric apparatus. In addition, the unique structure* enables horizontal tests of relatively heavy specimens without conventional horizontal slip tables. Removal of a vertical table also allows high-frequency, high-acceleration standardised tests for components and parts.

Combined Environmental Test Systems PV Series

The PV-K series climatic temperature/humidity chambers (Espec Corporation – previously Tabai Espec) can be combined with the G-0N & G-9 series.

Vibration test systems for combined environmental tests of temperature/humidity and vibration for various parts, components and units. With 5K chambers, piggy-back docking is available and combined tests with multi-axis VTSs are also possible.

3-axis Vibration Test Systems G-6 Series

Being the ultimate system for vibration tests, enabling a specimen to be excited in 3 directions; 2 horizontally (X & Y) and 1 vertically (Z),thus realising more existent vibrations than any conventional vibration test systems. It can easily combine temperature-humidity-vibration tests with 3 directions; 2 horizontally (X & Y) and 1 vertically (Z) with environmental chambers.

2-axis Vibration Test Systems G-8 Series

Capable of exciting specimens in 2 directions (horizontal & vertical) simultaneously as well as in each direction independently, thus no troublesome change-over of exciting directions are needed, which is required with the conventional vibration test systems.This can easily combine temperature-humidity-vibration tests with environmental chambers.

The G-8-1 series vibration generators have three driving elements; two elements (push-pull type) for horizontal excitation and one element for vertical excitation, thus permitting an easy changeover of excitation directions (vertical to horizontal or vice versa) by one-touch switch operation or by automatic operation with the sequencer unit.

Shock & Vibration Test Systems G-5 Series

Both shock tests from relatively high acceleration (4900m/s2=500G) to low acceleration with wide pulse width, is difficult to achieve with a conventional shock test system and vibration test for not only IEC, MIL and JIS but also requires higher acceleration, velocity and displacement than ordinary VTSs carried out with one system. Also with the G-5NS series, seismic simulation required by GR-63 is possible.