Inventory of Indian Armed Forces are from variety of sources and have been acquired at various points in time for the past several decades and with various technology platforms.

Maintenance of these inventory is critical to the mission readiness of the forces. The maintenance demands of the forces and the operational plans of the commercial industry that support these inventory deviates as the life of the inventory increases. It is the emphasis of the defence forces to Indigenise the products/system to meet the:

  • Availability requirements
  • Cost optimisation
  • Minimising inventory
  • Commonality of spares/parts
  • Technology upgrades and updates
  • Newer products/platform

The other advantage with Indigenisation is the ability for the local industry/armed forces to build and own intellectual property that is accessible for future endeavors.

MELSS works with the armed forces, design and production agencies to indigenise products at both system level and component level.

System/LRU level:

  • Correction system sub-assemblies (gun control system for tanks)
  • Frequency and voltage regulator
  • Digital video recorder (air borne application – fighter aircraft)
  • Head up display
  • Power supply systems
  • Advance fire control computer

Board/component level:

  • Cable assembly
  • MIL standard PCB’s with embedded software
  • Electro-mechanical components

MELSS has experience in the complete life cycle of the indigenisation process by the Army, Air Force and Navy. These include design, development, manufacturing, testing, validation and the deployment process.