PIMS: Integrate the overall data interchange in the plant within the control systems of the plant like PLC, DCS, microcontrollers, PC etc., and provide real time reports/information to track the assigned quantitative and qualitative objectives of the manufacturing organisation.

MELSS helps create and implement a common plant wide repository (historian) that obtains data from a variety of sources within the manufacturing plant.  PIMS application allows the users to acquire and store the information into a repository so that the required details can be retrieved, analysed and reported for effective planning, process and SCM functions of the organisation.

PIMS has five major systems:

  1. Production planning:
    • Batch and process planning
    • Scheduling of operation, repair and maintenance operations
  2. Interconnectivity (with various control systems and software’s deployed)
  3. Historian (storage and retrieval of data)
  4. Data analysis:
    • Trends (online, tagged trends, basic trends)
    • Alarms (functional, safety, phone, email & message notification)
    • Event (recording, co-relation with all linked functions)
    • Reports (production schedule, material consumption, resource utilisation)
    • Inventory management
  5. User interface (web, email, SMS)

Features and Functions:

  • Third party integration through ActiveX
  • Data export and backup
  • Emergency hooters and voice notifications
  • Networking and Connectivity
  • Configurable and flexible system
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Access controlled login’s
  • Easy and intuitive GUI
  • Integration with SAP
  • Multi-location interface
  • Multiple -data input (machine, manual, online)
  • Extensive user query options
  • Asset management

Track and Control Asset-Tracking:

  • Minimize manual flow of Asset related entries & Cycle time duration
  • Real-Time Asset Tracking between Location, Department & Room
  • Track Electric &Non-Electric Assets with ease
  • Monitor Warranty and Maintenance

Asset Audit and Verification:

  • Meet audit requirements and audit cycle time
  • Get accurate asset visibility on asset status during audit
  • Get asset control over audit with asset reports

Asset Administration and Security

  • Easy and Fast access in registering the assets
  • Define & collect required information over the assets
  • Role based User Secure Log-ins
  • Create central asset repository