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Many product and component manufacturers build multiple products in a single line using a batch processes to match market requirements and to optimise production requirements. Where the packaging process is not automated, there are often mismatches between product and packaging (common packaging). MELSS has implement Pre-Packaging Verification with a combination of the following technologies:

  1. Barcode reader to verify the product and box
  2. Optical camera system to verify the component and then print the label in a multi-product line
  3. Weight based verification to confirm the correct component type (weight based product matrix)
  4. Fixture based system to verify the component based on orientation

One such solution provided is the barcode based verification for the product and the container.

Industry: Electronics

Product: Electro-Mechanical

Requirement: Avoiding incorrect packaging/Product/Label at packaging stage for shipment

Process: The product is assembled by a combination of automatic pick and place and manual operation. Large non-standard components are manually assembled and verified.

The unit after inspection is placed inside the fixture and the verification system is built with multiple bar code readers, (the key parts of the products have barcodes). Small components are verified by presence and absence mechanical component sensors.

The barcode on the label pasted over the box is independently verified by a reader.

The system verifies the data on the box with the product and confirms if the box/label type matches the product.

If there is a mismatch of barcode/wrong product, it will be diverted into a separate conveyor and container, where the operator will ensure to pack the product inside the container for onward shipping.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Operator Optimisation: Operator used for scanning and verifying is redeployed for other operations
  • Barcode readers are fixed on a conveyor so that the reading is seamless
  • Counting of accepted and rejected products with traceability is provided
  • Software is simple and hence no operator training is required
  • Reporting and data are transferred to the shop floor MES for integration
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