Sixdime Pik2Lite

About Pik2Lite

Pik2Lite is a technology used in warehouses and distribution centers to improve the accuracy and efficiency of order picking processes. It involves using a system of lights and indicators to guide workers in picking items from their designated locations.

It is wirelessly connected to our Edgebox. It has a Blue OLED display with large viewing angle. Built-in acknowledgement button has a high-efficiency LED with a 65° viewing angle. These are rugged and can be mounted on standard or customized Aluminium profile & pipe racks.


  • The modules are stored in a duct, and may be added to or moved at any time
  • This duct may be attachable to flat or tube-shaped structures
  • Operating temperature: -30oC / +50oC


  • The possibility of alphanumeric display and configurable function key
  • Vertically-designed model, ideal for pallets
  • Color options for confirmation button