Sixdime NFC Reader

What is NFC:

IoT has opened avenues of innovation which was unheard of before. The industrial sector has grown by leaps and bounds.

Production lines are more controlled with increased volume, human errors are eliminated and each cycle takes less time to complete with improved safety levels, leading to a big jump in efficiency.

NFC (Near Field Communication) has added more security and flexibility to IoT in Industry (commonly known as IoT or Industry 4.0).

Sixdiem IoT Products

About Sixdime NFC Reader:

At MELSS, our technicians are creating cutting-edge solutions for the industry based on IoT and our NFC offerings are already transforming industries.

Digital transformation is the need of the hour for all industries. The Sixdime NFC reader helps organizations in its Industry 4.0 implementation in providing identification, validation and data capture solutions, on shop floors and assembly lines. The small and powerful device which can read Mifare and NTAG, can be easily set up to detect tags and IoT enable shop floor. The Wi-Fi and Ethernet enabled device can communicate to most software applications, PLCs and Industrial Controllers through the industry standard Modbus TCP protocol, giving quick and fast response.

Event management within industries is more controlled now with the application of our NFC solutions.

Many of our solutions in Robotics use NFC technology. Material Management and Asset Tracking have improved with better communication between the trolley and the NFC Reader.

Benefits of Sixdime NFC reader:

  • Data Sharing
  • Access Management
  • M2M Communication
  • Asset Tracking
  • Package Identification
  • Traceability
  • Mistake proofing /Poka – yoke
  • Material Movement.