Verticals & Solutions


The telecom products are focused to the industries as below:
  • Optical Fibre and Cable Manufacturers
  • Optical Cable Assembly Manufacturers
  • Network Equipment Manufacturers
  • Telecom Service providers
  • Universities, Research, Engineering and Simulation Test Laboratories
  • System Integrators
  • Defence & Aerospace
The Solutions we offer are:
  • Test and Measurement for Automated Optical Fibre and Cable Manufacturing
  • Test and Measurement for Telecom Network Simulation, Deployment, Commissioning and Monitoring of Wireline and Wireless Networks.
  • Test Measurement Solutions for Sonet/SDH, DWDM, OTN, Wireless Backhaul, FTTx, Copper Access.
  • Time Synchronization Test and Measurement Solutions
  • Voice, Video, Data SLA Solutions
  • Design Test, Validation, Measurement on RF Technologies