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One of the most important asset to any manufacturing setup is the Manufacturing execution system (MES). Once set up and properly utilized, MES can give the managers access to a wide range of data which will be crucial in daily decision making process. Some applications of MES are

  • Traceablity
  • Scheduling
Automotive industry

The automotive industry is probably the single largest beneficiary of any MES. With more and more international automakers setting up plant in India, it is up to the local ancillary industry to provide world class service acceptable by international standards. Such top quality comes only with the implementation of stringent quality policies. With MES, these industries can ensure tracing of even a single faulty part to the entire batch, thus ensuring very good customer support.

Manufacturing industry

Any modern manufacturing setup will have an ERP and a factory software. But not many managers realize that the factory software generates tonnes of data that can be made usable by just linking the factory software and the ERP. Tasks like scheduling and forecasting can be easily done by linking the factory software with the ERP with the help of an MES.

MELSS has worked with a wide range of customers coming from diverse industries and has helped setup MES at various factories.