Products & Services

Telecom & Photonics

With the growing demand of Bandwidth due to state-of-the-art Wire line and Wireless Technologies and the consequent necessity for expanding national fibre optic network, the demand for test and maintenance instruments has increased many folds. This business Group of MELSS has a focused team who are working closely with the service providers and the Network equipment manufacturers by offering the latest technology to the industry.

    Telecom Products we offer:
  • Automated Testers for Optical Fiber & Cable Industry (Optical Fiber Geometry, Refractive Index, Dispersion, Curl, Analysers)
  • Test and Measurement (Wire line & Wireless) for Telecom Network Deployment, Commissioning, Monitoring (FTTx, Copper Access, 10G / 40G / 100G, OTN, Ethernet Test Solutions)
  • RF Safety and EMF Testing
  • Service Assurance Solutions
  • Optical Communication Components and Subsystems
    Photonics Products we offer:
  • Photonics research Components and Instrumentation using Opto Mechanics, Motion Control, Light Analysis and Imaging Systems, Specialty Fibers, Optical Coherence Tomography, Confocal Imaging System, Optical Tweezers, Terahertz Adaptive Optics Kits.
  • Fiber optic Sensors and Interrogation systems (Phase masks, Temperature, Strain, Refractive Index, Pressure)