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Security Electronics

Physical search requires manpower and time, and grows more expensive as volume increases. With the technology and quality of screening, x-ray is the superior solution for screening. To avoid bottleneck screening and delayed shipping, TSA has allowed airlines as well as freight forwarders and third parties to become Certified Cargo Screening Facilities, essentially pushing the screening requirement further back in the shipping chain. It is essential our transportation hubs including the metro, railroad, cruise ships and more maintain passenger safety. With the most advanced x-ray technology, depend on X-Ray Baggage systems to keep the line moving and your passengers safe. Another security electronics include Under Vehicle Scanning System .

Previously, vehicle inspection took a long time as security personnel used a manual inspection mode by using an inspection mirror to screen the under carriage. To overcome these challenges UVSS to be a suitable solution to replace their manual inspection system.

We are offering the following products in security electronics:

  • UVSS

    We offer wide range of UVSS products with PC control, template generation..

  • Xray Baggage

    We represent M/S Astro physics Inc U.S.A, world leaders in this Segment offering state-of-the ..