Products & Services

Retail Solution

MELSS has excellent experience with solutions for retail industry. We work with retail giants such as Carrefour, to provide mission critical software solutions integrating their front end sales and backend systems.

Carrefour uses our solutions in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, each of them integrating data between two, twenty-five and forty-two stores respectively. These solutions handle several million transactions every month

M-Commerce & e- Commerce

The e-commerce portal implementation provides a complete online shopping solution for end consumers, right from product selection to online payment to delivery tracking.

Some key highlights of the solution include:

  • Display of multiple product images for thousands of SKUs
  • Product information, Stock Status and Categorization directly integrated from the backend ERP
  • Multi-session shopping cart for customers
  • Product search and filtering
  • Online payment gateway integration with Bank
  • Managing Multiple Delivery slots based on algorithms
  • Order Picking using Windows CE based Handheld Device with Barcode Scanning
  • Sales integration back to the ERP system
  • Automated Reports
  • Alerts and Notifications
Business Intelligence

MELSS offers business intelligence solutions catering exclusively to the retail sector. Various reports like purchase pattern, related purchases, staff performance, product sales trend, customer demographics, sales pattern by time of the day, acceptance of a new loyalty program etc. can be viewed at the click of a mouse or tap of a finger through exclusive mobile applications to view the reports apart from a web based interface.

Our business intelligence suite can be made to work with any existing ERP solutions

Loyalty Programmes

The solution consists of providing customers with Bar-coded ID cards, which they use when making purchases at the store counters. All the transactions from the Point of Sale (POS) systems are then transferred to the central server in the Head Office, where the data is filtered based on various parameters.

A web based solution allows the rewards management team to analyze this information from various charts and reports and drill down to relevant transactions. The solution also has pre-configured algorithms to allocate points based on various criteria.

The solution was developed using a combination of .NET Technologies and SQL Integration Services.

Kiosks for malls

MELSS offers customized kiosks for malls, shopping complexes and hotels. Give customers the power of information likes never before through these highly interactive kiosks. Various features of the kiosks are

  • Mall map/layout
  • Enquiry
  • Mall loyalty programs
  • Advertisements (both internal and external)
  • Calendar of events
  • Survey
  • Register to get updates, promotions etc. on phone/email

The advantage of using melssKiosk is that it is highly customizable to suit your requirements. Also these beautifully designed kiosks are simple and fun to use for the customer.

Mobility Solutions

Handheld devices, Barcode scanning, remote data synchronization, WindowsCE or Windows Mobile, Use Cases: Stock Taking, Inventory Control, Picking, Order Collection, Validation, etc.