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MELSS offers a wide range of Test Measurement products addressing the Wireline and Wireless Telecom market from Design, Manufacturing, Deployment and Service Assurance. They are:

  • Test Measurement and Automation in Optical Fibre and Cables manufacturing
  • Test Measurement on Wireline and Wireless Network Deployment, Commissioning and Monitoring
  • RF Safety Testing
  • Optical Communication Components and Subsystems

Test Measurement and Automation in Optical Fibre and Cables manufacturing

MELSS represents – Photon Kinetics a leading provider of test solutions to the optical fiber manufacturing industry. Photon kinetics has established this position by offering the highest performing, most complete product line: from optical fibre platform analyzers to highly automated test system that characterize virtually all critical fiber dimensional and transmission properties. Each of the solutions are comprehensive addressing all aspects of the testing process from test sample preparation and handling to data output capabilities that have tailored for today’s manufacturing information systems. Photon kinetics has also evolved relevant products to address the emerging requirements of testing plastic optical fibers (POF).


MELSS represents PROMET International, USA for FIBO Interferometers – The FiBO brand of optical fiber interferometers offers an easy and economical solution for testing and inspecting connectors, terminination and bare optical fiber. Apex offset, radius of curvature and fiber height parameters are automatically generated and archived with just a snap and a click.


MELSS represents OPTOTEST, USA for Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) Test Instruments – Measuring Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) on multiple fibers high quality reference cables, With Optotest test measurement the Insertion Loss and Return Loss on optical components are measured fast and accurately with the TIA approved “no mandrel” method. Neither matching gel nor mandrel wraps are required for testing of the cable. Built upon the proven technology of the products and equipped with a highly repeatable cross connect switch, Optotest offers efficient solution to measure insertion loss on both ends of single mode or multimode cables in one measurement.


Test Measurement on Wireline and Wireless

WIRELINE – MELSS offers a portfolio of quality test measurement solutions that span the entire network lifecycle (Network Deployment, Commissioning and Monitoring) requiring less training, produce faster results, eliminate guesswork thus bringing more efficiency in day to day testing and Capex. The modular architecture allows one to test E1 to 100Gb/s including multiport-rate Ethernet, Fiber Channel simultaneously.


  • Comprehensive physical-layer fiber-link characterization in access, metro, core, mobile backhaul, long-haul and ultra long-haul networks
  • Continuous assessment of multiplay service performance (voice/VoIP, data, video/IPTV)
  • Spectral testing for CWDM and DWDM applications
  • Full optical and packet protocol testing (from 1 Mbit/s to 10/40/100 Gbit/s)

WIRELESS – Wireless network operators are turning to 4G technology-mainly long-term evolution (LTE)- as it promises to significantly improve the user experience for bandwidth-hungry content and applications As the number of subscribers-as well as the demand for higher bandwidth services-continues to increase, wireless network operators face numerous challenges to ensure customers receive the same advanced quality of experience (QoE) with wireless services as they do with fixed-wire line services without jeopardizing profitability. In addition, the 4G all-IP network architecture delivers end-to-end quality of service (QoS), spectral efficiency and bandwidth flexibility to improve overall network economics and significantly improve the user experience.


Electromagnetic fields form a part of our daily lives and they are produced by electric and electronic devices, power distribution grids and telecommunications, all of which are services that provide us with greater convenience and safety. However, telecommunications, power grids and devices in general must respect the environment and people’s health. This calls for verifying the electromagnetic fields emitted by those services are kept within the safety limits established by the international health authorities and those of each country.


Leveraging Innovation with decades of experience in the product line, MELSS delivers unique solutions that increase productivity with unique capabilities allowing customers to complete test cycles in minutes rather than hours and days.

Optical Communication Components and Subsystems

MELSS represents FINISAR a worldwide leader in this field offering a family of programmable optical filtering and switching solutions for Optical R&D and Production Test Applications. Based on high resolution, solid-state Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) optical engine, the WaveShaper Programmable Optical Processors for R&D and Telecom Test family delivers extremely fine control of filter characteristics, including center wavelength, bandwidth, shape, dispersion and attenuation. The WaveShaper range includes products optimized for:

  • Optical Channel Selection
  • Dynamic Gain Equalization
  • Programmable Optical Filtering
  • Multiport Optical Processing
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