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Photonics and Fiber optics

MELSS represents THORLABS one of the industry leaders in providing off the shelf Photonic Research components, sub assemblies and products related to research and development. They are as below:


img16 Prism Coupler system – MELSS represents METRICON one the renowned manufacturer of the very popular 2010/M Prism Coupler system to rapidly and very accurately measure both the thickness and the refractive index/birefringence of dielectric and polymer films as well as refractive index of bulk materials. Metricon Corporation has pioneered the practical application of prism coupling technology to problems of thin film, bulk material, and optical waveguide characterization since introducing the world’s first commercial prism coupling instrument, the PC-200, in 1980. Over the years, more than 850 Metricon systems have been delivered to top universities, research institutes, and corporations in 38 countries and Metricon prism coupling systems have been referenced in hundreds of articles in scientific journals.

Lasers, Fiber Bragg Grating and Fiber Laser Components – MELSS represents TeraXion a leading-edge photonic solutions provider for high-end optical communications applications, industrial lasers and optical sensing markets. TeraXion offers customized filtering solutions and narrow linewidth semiconductor laser sources for RF photonic and coherent detection systems. TeraXion’s fiber Bragg grating (FBG) patented technology allows for the development of high-performance, yet economical fiber laser components and semiconductor lasers. With this technology, customers benefit from the most reliable and stable high-power reflectors, narrowband stabilizers, pulse stretchers and optical filters on the market. TeraXion’s semiconductor-based high-power, narrow linewidth semiconductor lasers are designed for applications such as LIDAR for wind energy and meteorology, interferometric measurements for oil and gas sensing, acoustic and vibration detection for bridges and pipeline sensing, as well as Brillouin sensing for structural health monitoring.


Optical Sensing – MELSS offers products and solution for the Sensing industry covering various industries and markets. Sensing solutions using photonics are unique precise, highly repeatable having applications ever growing.

MELSS represents products from FISO Technologies Inc. a Quebec, Canada based company subsidiary of Roctest Ltd. FISO designs, manufactures and markets fiber optic sensors and highprecision measuring instruments with a Strong Patent Port-folio (Fabry-Perot based sensors) of fiber optic sensors and signal conditioners. for measuring parameters such as temperature, pressure, displacement and position, strain and load as well as refractive index in harsh environments and challenging applications, FISO’s targeted markets are medical, process control, energy and research laboratories.


MELSS represents products from IBSEN Technologies Inc. a Denmark based company engaged in design, manufacture of Grating and Spectrometer Products. Ibsen’s fused silica transmission grating technologies provide unique gratings and spectrometer modules to a broad range of applications.


Leveraging Innovation with years experience in the product line, MELSS delivers unique solutions that focus on offering cutting edge technology and solutions to the research and development industry.

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