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Telecom & Photonics.

MELSS is well known in the industry for offering cutting edge technology solutions since 1982, and as a pioneer in the Telecom and Photonics domain.

In Photonics, the company’s product portfolio is focused on the research and development communities in IIT, NIT, IISER, IIIT, DOE, DST, CSIR, Universities, Defence, Space, Atomic Energy and others, while in Telecom the product portfolio is associated with optical fibre, cable, passive device  manufacturers, enterprises, telcos, network equipment manufacturers, contractors, utility companies, defence and government PSUs.

With industry-experienced and hands-on professionals trained at its principals’ manufacturing facilities, and professional and reliable pre- and post-sales service support, MELSS is your ideal partner for your Telecom and Photonics requirements.

Optical Preform Analysers and Test Systems (Geometry, Spectral, N.A, Dispersion, OTDR) for characterising the geometric and transmission properties of fibres, Fibre Handling, Automation Solutions to help minimise measurement time and cost.

OSP Optical Test Instruments, Laser Source, Power Meters, OTDRs, Variable Attenuators, Cleaning Kits and FTTx Solutions.

Fibre Optic Connector End Face Testing and Inspection.

Characterisation of Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies or Passive Fibre Optic Components in production or laboratory environments. High performance Reference Cables.

Imaging Systems, Optomechanics, Motion Control, Optics, Optical Fibres, Light Sources, Light Analysis, Wide Band Spectrum Analysers, Beam Characterisation, Modular Tweezers.

UV and LED Sources for spot and area curing applications. Fluorescence Illuminators.

Optical Programmable Filter (C, L or C+L-band) for extreme fine control of filter characteristics including centre wavelength, bandwidth, shape and dispersion and attenuation. Filter bandwidth variable from 10 GHz upto 9 THz.

Optical Prism Coupler System for accurately measuring both thickness and the refractive index/birefringence of dielectric and polymer films as well as refractive index of bulk materials.

State-of-the-art hardware and software to provide access to raw ultrasound data per channel – for biomedical imaging, intervention guidance and therapy, NDT/NDE for materials testing and earth sciences

Optical Preform Analysers, Refractive Index Profilers, Combined Spectral and Geometry, Dispersion Test Equipment and OTDRs.

Fibre Bragg Gratings (FBG), FBG Arrays & Cables, FBG Sensors.

FBG Interrogators, Spectrometers (Raman, Absorption, Fluorescence) Phase Masks, Transmission Gratings.

Fibre Optic (Pressure, Stress, Strain, HERO) Sensors and Signal Conditioners used in various medical, process control and R&D applications.

Monochromator and Spectroscopy Solutions for material sciences, semiconductors, biomedical.

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