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Weapons System Simulator – InLand.

Weapon Training Simulators

MELSS simulators are fully interactive training simulators to provide basic training on the operation, firing and to provide advance training on engagement of targets in various scenarios. This is done in a controlled environment where the trainer will be able to set the scenario and track the progress.

This allows for extensive training without usage of operational weapons and real ammunition but by maintaining the touch and feel of a weapon and by creating scenarios which are typically not possible in a real world training.


  • Small arms training simulators
  • Medium machine gun simulators
  • Advance small arms live training system (ASALTS) smart target
  • Multi-movement target system
  • Interactive weapon engagement simulator system (IWESS)

Key Features:

  • Fully interactive system
  • Feel of exact weapon/Modified weapon
  • Parameters Defined, controlled and tracked – angle, distance, number of rounds, etc.,
  • Structured training programs
  • Trainer and operators screens, access and controls
  • Different environmental scenario – Time, day, terrain, sky, visibility, wind velocity, clouds. etc.,
  • Designed with operator safety requirements
  • Comprehensive training results
  • Customisable reports – Hits, misses, etc.,
    • User rank, training trend, performance
    • Firing data recording facility

Small Arms Training Simulator – Model SATS M3000

Small arms is commonly used across homeland security, industrial security and defence & defence security forces. Training of security & defence personnel is a demanding activity. SATS provides cost-effective but exhaustive solutions whereby the training can be provided in a controlled environment.

Weapons Type:

  • Hand guns/Pistols
  • Sten guns
  • Light machine guns

System Configuration:

  • Configurable upto 15 lanes
  • Projection and camera system
  • Replica and/or modified weapons
  • User-Friendly software – different scenarios and terrains, 3D terrain maps
  • Control system – PC & UPS
  • Multimedia system
  • Firing platform

Medium Machine Gun

MMG simulator can be configured from 2 lane to 6 lane systems incorporating the latest software for terrain display.

System Configuration:

  • Projection and camera system
  • Replica/Modified gun
  • User-friendly software – different scenarios and terrains, 3D terrain maps
  • Control system – PC
  • Multimedia system
  • UPS
  • Firing platform
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